Hi, welcome to Minnesota Moishe's Favorite Web Sites List.
I hope to update this list about once a week, so please visit this page often. If you have any sites that I should check into and might want to add to this list, then please let me know by sending me a message to ib@ib.org or using my feedback form.

Chabad Resources

Rabbi Manis Friedman's web site - Soon to carry Real Audio.
Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace - New York suddenly got a lot bigger!
Check this site out for tons of Torah information. While you're at it, don't forget to sign yourself up for a few lists so that you can have some torah studies in your mail box daily.
Chabad Connection at University of Texas
Looking for pictures, niggunim, or more information and links? Then this is the place to check out.
TorahFax - by Rabbi Zalmen Marozov - An Excellent Daily Learning Resource
Sign up on the list and get the TorahFax sent to your mail box daily. The first half pertains directly to the week's Torah reading or upcoming holiday and the second half gives great stories to go along with it.
Lubavitcher Rebbe Photo Gallery (C. Alevsky)
Chabad Centers
Locate your local Chabad-Lubavitch center - sites contains current information about the weekly parsha and more

Chabad Houses across the world on the net

Arizona: Phoenix
California: S BarbaraMarin County -  Palo Alto
Connecticut: New Haven
Massachusetts: AmherstBostonNorth Shore
Minnesota: Rochester
Pennsylvania: Bucks County
Texas: Austin
Washington, DC: DC/Maryland/Virginia areas
Wisconsin: Madison

Quebec: Montreal

Island City


  • 1-800-Judaism - Books from numerous publishing houses. Give them a call and set up and account and then be careful, ordering is easy.

More Jewish Resources

  • Looking for adventure? Then, just hop over to the Inward Bound Home Page.
  • For the Palm Handheld enthusiast, check out PilotYid. Contains many links to a wide variety of Jewish titles for the Palm.
  • Virtual Jerusalem - Israel, Religion, Culture, Software, & more! No lack of information here!

Hi, welcome to Minnesota Moishe's Fishing & Canoeing Page
If you have any sites that I should check into and might want to add to this list, then please let me know by sending me a message to ib@ib.org or using my feedback form.

Free-Time Fun (if you can find any free-time!)

Drop the line in, sit back, put the feet up, and wait for the FISH to bite!

Web Sites to What Abounds in two-thirds of the area that covers the planet

GORP lists fishing sites by geographical locations and has links to national parks and wildlife refugees with great fishing spots. In addition, it lists online magazines and places to find fishing gear. Don't forget to check out the Yosemite Park listings!
You can discuss over 20 types of freshwater and saltwater fish.
FINS maintains pictures and info on freshwater and marine aquariums, tropical and temperate.
to building your own aquarium! Scroll through the pages for more fish links.

If you have News Group Access, check out the following lists:

  1. alt.fishing - focus on warmwater or saltwater fish, equipment, and fishing tricks
  2. rec.outdoors.fishing - similar to above group, misc fishing subjects are discussed
  3. rec.outdoors.fishing.fly - Politics and conservation issues facing sportsmen for fly fishing
  4. rec.outdoors.fishing.saltwater - Similar to above, except for saltwater fishing
  5. Now, for those with aquariums, try the following groups:

Getting Hungry Yet? How about some fishy RECIPES?

Please send me your favorite fish recipes and I'll list them here for Public Consumption!

Miscellaneous FTP Sites

Mailing Lists that you can subscribe to

Flyfish List - talk about fishing
Send e-mail to listserv@ukcc.uky.edu with subscribe flyfish Your Name in the Body of the message
Aqua-L List for Tropical Fish (pets not food)
Send e-mail to listproc@upei.ca with subscribe aqua-l Your Name in the Body of the message

Take the Canoe out for a Spin!
I'm just starting to build by Canoing Links. So, let me know of any great pages or other sources that need to be added.

Canoing Information Pages

  1. GORP's Main Canoing Site

If you have News Group access...

I found the following canoeing discussion group out there:  rec.boats.paddle

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